Thursday, June 11, 2009

dorayakies a.k.a. haninah

  1. What's your full name?
    Nurul Haninah Ab Halim

    2. Do you hate someone at this moment?
    takde asenya..

    3. What makes you hate her/him?
    haha.sila rujuk jwapan di atas

    4. You love your family?
    to Much!!

5. List 5 names of your friends that you love

To much!!

6. Why do you love them?

Cz them are my friends

7. Who do you prefer, your dad or mom?

Syg sgt dua-dua!!

8.Did someone make you cry this week?

Not someone, but something.ngee REPORT!!

9. When was the last time you make your friend laugh?

Time masak mee soup tadi~hehe

10. Do you like someone at this moment?

Kalo LIKE ramai~kalo LOVE =)

11. What was the last present you received?

Hmm..aku rase bag kot~

12. Are you missing someone?


13. What was the last message did you received from your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend?

Ngee~ tak sampai hati lak aku nak taip..

14. What was the last comment you received?

Hafizah ofer discount utk tshirt dia.ngee!!

15. What is your wish for your birthday this year?

Huh!!ade orang tu dah janji nak nyanyi lagu buzday kat aku.haha

5. If u can only kill one person in this world, who is the person and why?
Bush I Luv Islam

6. If u can choose either wanna have more than 24hour a day or live more than 100years, what is ur choice and why?
100 years kalo kekal muda leh tak??cz mcam2 aku nak wat

7. If u can have a date with a celebrity, who is that person and why?
ngee~ AFGAn SHAH!!

8. If u have the opportunity to tagged 7 of ur friends, who could they be? and why?

  • Not now~


siap lagi satu...

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